Monday, February 15, 2016


I saw a lot of beautiful heart-related artwork yesterday. Too bad I was busy with CNY and my boy (he was down with fever + flu + cough, the full package) so I only managed to make a very simple valentine's day project.

One does not fall into love; one grows into love, and love grows in him. - Karl A. Menninger.
And attached are also these two hearts that I made earlier on this year:

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Just some update

Time really flies. It has been almost 7 months since I last updated.

The good news is I passed my viva and am awarded a PhD in molecular biology. My convocation is this November and I'm very excited about it. My boy has been growing happily and it's such a joy to see him grow and learn everyday.

Some quilling that I managed to do, upon customers' orders. Hope you enjoy.


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hello 2015!

Hope it's not too late to say Happy New Year!

Just realised that my last blog post was 5 months ago. But if you have been following me on PnQ's FB page or Instagram, then you'll know that I'm a "little" more active there. Why have I been in silence for the last couple of months? It's because our little one has arrived and I'm busy adapting to my new life as a mum! As much as I'm still following most of the updates about quilling in the cyber world, I have not much time left for myself to do any quilling (sleep becomes my utmost priority). Anyhow, I still manage to took part in a one-day handmade bazaar last December (thanks to hubby for taking care of our boy when I'm busy), producing limited cards for sell. And because of that, I was interviewed by a local press. Thanks to the lovely reporter Patricia for the wonderful INTERVIEW

Some photos about the bazaar to share:
My simple booth display
Some of the cards that I managed to take photo of. Was rushing to produce enough for sell and ended up forgetting to snap photos, only realised it when those cards were sold.
A non Christmas related card. Inspired by cartoon 'UP'.
Teaching a little girl who came by on how to quill during my free time at the bazaar. It seems that children are always more keen to try out something new as compared to adults.

Hopefully I'll be able to do some quilling and post more often this year as my boy grows. I've gotten my hands on a couple of quilling books last year and my recent entry is "Paper Quilling Chinese Style". Would like to try out some of the techniques and designs when I have time. Till then, have a great year ahead everyone! 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Random cards

I've finally submitted my thesis to the examiners! While waiting for them to evaluate my work, I have months of free time until I need to worry about my thesis defence, and so I can start experimenting with quilling again!

Firstly, vortex coils! Introduced by Australian quiller Licia Politis. Finally, I get to experiment and practice on how to do it. I love the look of vortex coils especially when it comes to the square shape. Those bigger coils on the left are vortex coils while those smaller ones on the right are normal coils. (for the sake of comparison)

Here's a Hari Raya card I made last month using vortex coils for the 'ketumpat' - a traditional Malay food made of rice and wrapped in leaves.

On another random project, I made a simple owl card. The inspiration of the owl actually came from a fabric owl key chain pouch my best friend gave me as souvenir from her Bangkok trip. This is my second quilled owl. I made another quilled owl version years back when I just started quilling.  
Owl inspired by key chain pouch
A grad owl made in 2011
The following wedding bells are part of a trifold card. It's a customer order which I've promised to not reveal. The order was placed sometime in April and finally it was completed and posted out to customer earlier this month. It will be brought to New Zealand to congratulate a couple on their R.O.M. The main quilling piece is of course not these bells. I was requested to sort of 'merge' 2 zodiac signs into a single quilling design. Quite challenging but it turned out nicely and the customer was happy with it.

And here's another card adapted from a card design in the book "New concept in paper quilling". I love the Kraft card look, with the paper bag element. Instead of using punched flowers as the original design, I made fringed flowers. (Hmm, maybe I'll write a review of all the quilling books that I keep in my collection someday, when I have the energy to do it. Hahaha!)  

And last but not least, a cute card for a boy's 1 year old birthday. I don't feel like repeating myself by quilling foot prints, or baby or rocking horse, so instead I came out with this - a boy flying an airplane. I started by sketching the outline of a cartoon version of airplane, and then filling it with quilled shapes. It might not be fantastic, but I think at least it's cartoon-ish. Haha!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

My little flower shop

The 'flower shop' project is something that I've always wanted to do but never had the courage to start it because of the labour/quilling work that seemed a little 'overwhelming' to me. I'm not a full time crafter (more of a weekend crafter), and on weekends I have other duties or roles that I have to juggle with. Thus most of the time, I prefer quilling on cards, as they are less demanding - taking the most 2 to 3 hours to complete, yet I get to enjoy the serenity of paper crafting (entering 'quilling zen').

Months ago, I came across a nice ready made photo frame at a local shop that I found 'click' immediately with the 'flower shop' I had in mind. And so I purchased the frame, but no immediate action followed and the frame was left on my bench for weeks. Then when it's almost a week before Mother's day, I thought well maybe I should put the idea into action, and give it as a gift for my mum who are good in flower arranging. So I started making the flower pots, of various sizes and height, using tight coils.

If you have been following my blog closely, you'll know that I ended up giving my mum the carnation card instead of a 'flower shop'. Yes, I procrastinated on quilling the flowers, the pots have been left collecting dust on my craft table for weeks. Until finally one afternoon in the final week of June, I started making the first pot of flower - the daffodils. Then on another day, I quilled the second pot of flower. Then on another day, another pot of flower. And another...

I continued quilling a little a day, taking my time in enjoying the process. Without realising, I completed the flower pots sooner than I imagined. And the process wasn't as overwhelming or daunting as I thought too. Here are the flowers that I made, and the techniques involved in making them.

 Daffodils - marquise, cone, wheatears

 Cactus - crimping, teardrop, fringing

 Calla lily - spirals on toothpick, cone

Bluebells - spiral on toothpick, cone rolls, curved strip for leaves

 Tulip - duck foot, wheatears

 Christmas cactus - heart, teardrop

Air plant - 1/8" wide dark and light green strips of various lengths, trim the paper on one side so that they become pointed, and layered two different shades of green together

Daisies - fringing with coils

And once all the flower pots were ready, I arranged them in the photo frame as I like before finally gluing them down.

And we are up for business!

The 'flower shop' project is a wonderful experience for me. I learnt that if you break things down to smaller achievable tasks and focus on completing each smaller task at a time, big projects/ goals will become less daunting and manageable. Yes, start by attempting a step at a time, and without realising it, you've jogged through the entire journey.

Till then, keep quilling!            

Friday, June 20, 2014

Quilling and scrapbooking a little

I have always preferred simple and clean style of quilling card, so my card backgrounds are often kept blank or with minimal deco. Recently, I realised I have some unused 'scrapbooking' craft materials in my storage, so I decided to experiment a bit by incorporating them into my quilling cards.

This one is for a friend who's now overseas chasing her dream - quilling + brad + pattern paper + washi tapes 

This one is for Father's Day - quilling + pattern paper + jute twine + peg

And this one is for a couple who are both family friends - quilling + watercolour background

I had fun mix-n-match! Hope you enjoy them too!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother's Day Carnations

My thesis writing is finally reaching its end. After discussion with my supervisor, we'll send it out this month for examination after I've done my correction (on my third draft).

Okay, honestly I haven't been quilling at all since my last post although I still follow the updates in quilling world. Now that with my thesis settling soon, I manage to find some time and made these two Mother's Day cards, one for my mom, and the other for my mother in law. I started by sketching the flowers, followed by arranging the quilled shapes to fill up the space. The first card took longer to complete as it involved some adjustments and experimenting. The carnations designs are identical but if you look closely, the shapes and colours of the petals are a little different. Here goes the photos:

 All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother 
Abraham Lincoln

I thank my mom for encouraging me to go after my dream - to further my study when I myself was a little doubtful of my own ability. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be able to graduate this year and wear that bonnet to make her proud. To all mothers out there, Happy Mother's Day! You guys are awesome!